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The AngelZen School of Reiki helps to consciously create your life in a way that pleases and supports you, bringing Harmony and Balance back to mind, body and spirit.            

All levels of Reiki & Reiki Shaman Training are taught, as well as the 9 Rites of the Munay-Ki & the Wombkeepers Rite...and Several Workshops. All courses are held in small class settings or individual instruction.

To help with stress reduction, energy renewal and relaxation... private Reiki, Reiki with Sound Therapy & Reiki Shaman sessions are available by well as at a distance.

House Clearings & Blessings at a distance are now available... bringing clarity, cleansing and balance to your home, work environment or Land! 

Reiki is both a way of life and a spiritual healing art, with specific techniques to enhance essential health and well-being.

Welcome To the Reiki Path...
may your Journey be one of incredible Healing, and where you always follow your Inner-Zen!