InnerZen Hypnosis...with Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Bob Kittle, C.Ht                             
Guiding you to work with your own Inner Zen for healing and balance. 
To Schedule a private or group session please call...      250-488-2723  or e-mail or  
**Free Every Friday *Group Hypnotherapy*  
Progressive Relaxation Sessions for stress relief... 
11:45 AM & 2:30 PM at the Penticton Seniors' Drop-In Centre Society - 2965 South Main St. Penticton, BC. Facilitated by Bob Kittle, C.Ht  **Drop-ins welcome...Open to Everyone of all Ages **Contact info see above information.

**Now Available at AngelZen Reiki...
Sound Therapy Offerings with Tuning Forks...
Please Note:  as with all healing work...the person receiving the healing work must be an active participant in their own healing must be ready/willing to let go/release old cellular memory patterns to fully embrace a healthy vibrant body, mind and spirit! 
**Also now used in all my sessions @ AngelZen Reiki the "Therasage Jade Healing Mat" to enhance all healing sessions with wisdom, calm and peaceful energy. 
**The 9 Rites of Munay-Ki and the 13th Rite of Munay - the Wombkeepers Rite...are now available. Contact to schedule your Rites
**Now offering AngelZen 101 Workshop Series...for Pendulum's- to help you learn to work and utilize a pendulum in your day to day life and as a healing tool! 
Crystals - to learn how to work with the healing energies of crystals as jewelry, individual stones, grids or elixirs. 
Space Clearing - Learn how you can clear your environment and yourself of negative, stagnant, chaotic energies...raising the energy and vibration within and all around you. 

**NOTE - Coming - TBA -  The Goddess Wisdom Workshop Series help you connect and work with the ancient wisdom of your inner Goddess's! Stay tuned for more information!
Crystal Courses by Rowan Goddess... 250-486-8991
Contact Stefany Barker - 

ReikiZen News
Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness

Say..."Ho'oponopono (then person's name)...and then say the following... 

I Am Sorry
Please Forgive Me
I Love You

Repeat 3x for each person