Journey Of The Valerie O'Brien (2008)

When you first step onto the Reiki path,
Sacred gateways begin to open.
Universal life energy begins to spiral around you,
and Mother earth calls to your healer ways.
Awareness begins to open you to the magic that has always existed,
a magic that you have always been a part of.
Ancient ways speak to you,
awakening the primal drumming of your soul.
Spirit Animals come with messages to guide you,
while your Spirit Guides slowly lift the veil.
Angels are all around healing and protecting,
keeping you connected to the divine light & love.
Past lives unravel before you, 
showing glimpses of where you came from, and hint at where you are going.
The crystal energy of the earth,
share her gifts to aid us on our journey's.
Ascended Master's have left loving messages,
to inspire and guide us along the way.
Healing, learning, and moving forward,
is part of the path we each walk.
Ascension is the destination for all souls...
So life is all about the...Journey of the Spirit!

Angels Walk Among Valerie O'Brien (1994)

Angels walk among us,
in quiet subtle ways.
They slip gently into our lives,
to enlighten the ignorance we have embraced.
Their decree of friendship and acceptance,
is the order of their day.
With good humour and patience,
they have come to share the bounty.
Their existence obscure yet enduring,
have reached across the barriers of  time.                 With destinies pre-ordained,   they seek to touch as many souls as possible.             Their love is an old one,         that will continue as long as there is hope.                       So it is up to us to stretch out a hand,                               and accept the precious gift... Angels walk among us!

The Creative Healer Inside All of Us...

Tapping into our inner Creativity helps us connect more strongly to the divine universal energy! This then helps us to heal at a mental/emotional and spiritual level!
 It does not matter how you want to be only matters that you are!
I love to write poetry and work with gemstone beads creating chakra bracelets and earrings. I also do various needle crafts and love to create my own designs. I create my own manuals for my Reiki classes and workshops and also find time to colour and draw mandalas!
I love to sing ...even if only to my animals...they seem to enjoy it! :)  Playing with my 2 dogs & cat makes me smile and laugh a lot...they are very creative beings!
So find what inspires you to be creative and give it a will be amazed how healing it is!