My Personal Healing Journey

When I was 6 years old I had an incredible spiritual awakening...I just did not realize it at the time! I just knew I was connected to the Universe and trusted I was being taken care of. I now realize I was manifesting anything and everything I wanted because of the trust I had. Then as I grew older I began to question the why's of this profound faith I had...and so began my journey, not so much of awakening, but being fully in the moment of awareness! When I stray out of the awareness, the Universe has a way of guiding me back...sometimes not so gently or comfortably (I can be stubborn), but effectively. When I was expecting my daughter at the age of 30, I was still in the Canadian Military and a very driven "Type A" personality. After my beautiful daughter came into the body started to break down on so many levels! I had ignored it's/my needs for too long and as I said, the universe spoke to me the only way I would making me fall hard...I was eventually diagnosed with Myofascial Pain Syndrome/Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue syndrome...and the list goes on! Now up to this point I had been a very active and hard working individual...well all this fell away! I gained so much medication weight and this created more problems and I then  became submerged in a world of pain and world shrunk in around me! This all coming while I was a brand new Mom! Well I refused to accept the reality of a life of chronic pain and way too much I decided to change my reality and started my healing journey exploring many wonderful healing modalities. I took early retirement from the Military in 1994 and started to explore - herbal supplements (to replace the medication that was seriously damaging my body) therapy...chiropractic treatments...Naturopathic treatments... Intergration (Rolphing) ...Raw Food life style...Reflexology...Reiki - practicing & teaching it (my passion), Sound Therapy (another passion of mine) & the Shamanic Medicine way! Everyone of these modalities helped me go further on my healing path and I have been medication free for more than 17 years. I try to listen to my body more readily and if I forget or become stubborn...the universe and my loving husband give me a little nudge to stay an active participant on my own healing journey!
Now my daughter is in her 20's and I am in my 50's...I am again reclaiming the wisdom I had as a 6 year old...that divine trust in the universe and being guided and taken care of.

Namaste...blessed may you be on your own healing journey!


I Love to Learn & Explore Life...Courses and Workshops I have taken or have Developed...
***Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Course  2005 with Pamela Shelly in Kelowna ...Teaching since 2006
***Host Reiki Shares since for Students
***Doreen Virtue's Angel/Medium Workshop...2005   
***Chikara Reiki-Do Master Course...July 2005
***Alive & Raw - Raw Food Course...June 2006
***Spiritual/Past Life Healing Course with  Pamela Shelly, Kelowna BC...July 2006
***RAC Reflexology Training...Penticcton,BC 2007
***Drum Making Workshop... 2008 in Penticton, BC
***4 Levels Shamanic Practitioner's Training with Dawn Dancing Otter...2009 in Penticton
***Shaman Retreat, hosted by Lynn V. Andrews, in Kona, Hawaii...December 2009
***Introduced Reiki-Kids Program to courses offered...November 2010
*** "I Can Do It - Vancouver "Conference by HayHouse...March 2011
***Reiki Retreat in Kamloops with Healing for Healers group...March 2011
*** "Awaken the Doctor Within" workshop May 2011 
***Heart Resonance Therapy Practitioner Training Level's I & 2 ...March 2012 with Dale Kobialko, Vancouver, BC
***Angels & the Afterlife Workshop in Seattle, with John Holland & Doreen Virtue September 2012
***Sound Therapy Practitioner Training...2013 SomaEnergetics 
***BodyTalk Fundamentals Level's I & II...March 14th - 17th 2013 in Victoria, BC with Karla Kadlec 
***Certified Indian Head Massage Course ... May 2013 with Susan Allen in Penticton, BC
***Rowan Goddess Level I - Beginning My Journey Crystal Course... July, 2014 Penticton, BC 
***Created 3 Levels of "Following the Reiki Shaman Path"  offering courses since the Fall 2014
***Karuna Reiki Level I...February 2015 in Penticton, BC with Mahada Thomas
***9 Munay-Ki Rites Completed...August 2015 in Penticton, BC with Rhonda Kyle  
***Registered graduate of the Munay-Ki Organization ( October 2015
***Regression Healing Workshop...October 2015 in Long Beach, California with Brian Weiss
***Sacred Womb Keeper Rite...October 2015 in Long Beach, California with Shaman Isabella Stoloff
***Registered Member with the women of the  Sacred Womb Keeper... Nov 2015 ( ) 
***Rowan Goddess Level 2 - On the Path Crystal Course...17th January 2016 in Penticton,BC 
***Christ 2.0 ...Feb. - May 2016 with Andrew Harvey of the Shift Network
***Between the Worlds - Goddess Hekate Activation Course...October 2016, with MotherHouse of the Goddess (an online program)
***Womans Runes Training...January 2017...with Brigid's Grove (on-line program) 
***Rowan Goddess Level 3 - A Way of Life Crystal Course...5th February, 2017 Penticton, BC
***The Sacred Goddess Path...January 2018
***Created the AngelZen 101 Workshop Series...2018
***Offering Sound Therapy Workshop...2018
***Offering All Energy Healing Session-Work at a Distance with in-depth written reports...2019

Magic starts to happen when you give more energy to your dreams than you do to your fears!
Explore the world around will be amazed at the incredible people you will meet and all the wonderfully mystical things you can learn to do! You are powerful beyond go out and realize your potential! Trust, Faith & Surrender to your power!

With light, love and a joyous heart...Val xo