AUTUMN & Winter 2020
**I am offering sometime in 2021 all my Healing session work at a Distant Reiki/Reiki with Sound Therapy & Reiki Shaman Session work as well as Distant Home/Work & Land Clearings & Blessings...check back for updates! **​
**Note**  I remain closed for in-person session & course work at this time...please check back in Spring 2021 ...wishing everyone many Reiki Healing blessings of good health, wellness, harmony, & calm during this time of global Uncertainty! Stay Grounded and Centred from the Earth to the Heart. I will continue to send healing out to our global community to help stop the spread of this virus. Remember it is just as important to stop the spread of fear as it is to stop the virus.  
Blessed may you all be!

From the Earth to my Heart to yours...Val ❤️

The Reiki Principles  
written in the I Am format...
by Val O'Brien 

*Just for today I Am joyful & happy
*Just for today I Am peaceful, calm & loving
*Just for today I Am honest & hardworking
*Just for today I Am grateful for my many blessings
*Just for today I Am kind to all living things
*Just for today - I AM

All Levels of Reiki; & Reik-Shaman Programs as well as the 9 Rites of Munay-ki, are Available and the New AngelZen 101 Workshop me to schedule/register for a course, workshop or session!

**I prefer to teach small classes or one on one to maximize a students individual learning potential!

Reiki Hugs &
Blessings, Val