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To schedule a Reiki session...or to find out more about any Courses or Workshops...please contact me at:

**NOTE:  I will be closed the months of April & May 2020 and only honouring my already scheduled sessions and courses for March... I will continue to self-monitor and ask my clients and students to do the same. We al need to work together to slow the spread of the coronavirus and only common sense and doing our parts will this happen.
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Located on Forsyth Drive in Penticton, BC, Canada. All sessions and courses are by appointment only.

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We are spiritual beings on a human journey, so live, laugh, love and learn all of life's lessons ..one breath, one moment at a time. Feel your vibration shift and your inner Zen activate your Luminous body!
Ascension is the destination for all Souls...so it is important to enjoy the Journey!