3375 Edison Way
Menlo Park,  CA 94025
Phone: (415) 555-5555
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Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM

**NOTE:  I am being very Nomadic this Season... and not available for distance sessions or clearings at this time. It will be sometime in Spring 2021 that I will be available again for all distant healing work. If you try and e-mail or text please be patient as I may not always be in cell coverage or internet range...joys of moving around a lot. 

phone: 250-488-2439
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Located in British Columbia, Canada. 

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We are spiritual beings on a human journey, so live, laugh, love and learn all of life's lessons ..one breath, one moment and one step at a time. Feel your vibration shift and your inner Zen ignite your Luminous body!
Ascension is the destination for all Souls...so embrace the Journey!