Testimonial From Session Work...
***It was a real joy sharing yesterday, and I want to thank you again for the important, inspiring, insightful work that you do for others - you have a very important, empowering gift that truly helps others navigate with increased awareness through this lifetime! Please, keep doing what you do, as it will continue to inspire and help guide beings towards their personal needs and truths that, otherwise, may go unnoticed in this lifetime - we all sometimes need a gentle reminder of our intended, collective purpose here, and inspiration to stay on our intended, determined paths in our lives, so that we can best serve others and live a meaningful, giving journey this time around - which you help facilitate for others - you have been given a gift! ...D.K.

Testimonials From Reiki Courses...
***AngelZen is exactly that.  If you are looking for an earth Angel, you will find it in Val. Val is a Reiki teacher and healer, a woman of great wisdom and guidance, a confidant and above all friend.  In Val's presence you will be made to feel special and as though you have known her your whole life.  The energy Val gives and surrounds herself and others in is perfect Zen! ...Rhonda K.

***I was not sure what to expect today (Reiki I course). I just knew I needed to try something new and reach outside of my comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised...Thank-you for opening this new door to me. I look forward to learning more....Tammy H.

***Very nice relaxed setting & feeling. Val is easy to understand and engage in conversation with. I would definitely recommend her as a teacher. Thanks...Sandra C.

***Fantastic course. Really enjoyed myself. Very knowledgeable about topic and extremely approachable. Thanks so much Val... J.A.

***Val is an amazing teacher and practitioner. I have taken all my Reiki and Shaman courses with her and also had Reiki sessions by her. Her wisdom and knowledge are extraordinary. Energy around her is wonderful, that makes learning easy and positive. Val makes learning fun. Val has a compassion for healing and she puts all that compassion in her sessions and in her teachings. Her home has a very high and positive vibration that makes it easy to connect with your higher self. She is easy to approach during and after the courses as the questions starts to arise. It's hard to find a better person and a teacher than her. 
Val is an Angel in disguise. I am so grateful that she is my teacher and a 
friend. I recommend her very highly...Darshan Gill.

***Awesome...I really feel I can benefit from this. I enjoyed the class very much. Very informative and cheerful instruction...June C.

***I loved the course and it was very interesting and informational. I am looking forward to Level 2 ...Thank-you! =) ...Tea H.

***I feel so fortunate that Reiki found me. My connection with Val was immediate and she encompasses love and healing. I feel so lucky to have been taught by Val. The one on one learning I received created such an intimate environment of connection and learning. It has been a life changing spiritual experience and I am so grateful for Reiki...Nikki C.

***I wasn't sure what to expect when I showed up for my Level I Reiki course, but Val made the experience very comfortable from the start. The learning space was wonderfully light, open and airy. Val's personal approach to teaching Reiki and comprehensive manual makes the learning process fun and stress-free. I especially appreciate her caring and knowledgeable support in the time following the class...when questions and issues can crop up during the post-attunement/healing process. I'm ever grateful...S. LaFontaine


A chance to see what people are saying about  Reiki teacher/practitioner Valerie!
Please send any testimonials to Valerie at angelzenreiki@shaw.ca and they will be posted on this site....blessings!

I want to extend my thanks to the beautiful souls who bless and honor me with allowing me to share my passion for Reiki and the Reiki Shaman path!  
Blessed may you all be!
Following the Reiki Shaman Path

***Val’s workshops are always intellectually stimulating, metaphysically fascinating and fun. She provides a safe, warm and loving space that allows you to be all you can be.  It is a space that allows you to safely connect with not only your inner self, your higher self and all those who assist you, but to share with others who are on similar paths as your own. To share, to grow, to understand and to love without fear. Thank-you Val...Rene R.