Mystic Musings from the Zen Room

Mystic Musings from the Zen Room

A Gentle Reminder of Our Intended, Collective Purpose Here on the Planet!

by Valerie O'Brien on 05/13/19

Blessings Everyone...yes I am still around, though neglecting my Blog a lot these past few years. But today I was very inspired to write after receiving a beautiful e-mail from a Reiki client of mine...who expressed just how appreciative he was of his Reiki session and the guidance he received from it...of the "gentle reminder of our intended, collective purpose here, and inspiration to stay on our intended, determined paths in our lives, so that we can best serve others and live a meaningful, giving journeys this time around". This made me take a step back and look at what I do as a Reiki Practitioner and Teacher...and the seeds that get planted and bloom in beautiful and wondrous ways even if we never get the opportunity to actually observe the outcome of these blossoming seeds. 

So follow your path and have the trust and faith you are touching lives and even if you never hear or see how you may have influenced or inspired someone...that is ok...because when you love what you do and surrender control of any will be truly blessed all the days of your life in very miraculous ways. The energy you put out always comes back walk in beauty and radiant light and you will be a beacon for others to do the same!

Blessed may you always be on your Path! In Light & Love, Val xo

Ascension Sickness

by Valerie O'Brien on 02/20/17

It has been a while ...ok a whole year...since I last posted anything on my Mystic Musings from the Zen Room blog. Not because I have had nothing to say...but because every other spiritual/wellness blog or website has pretty much voiced what I was thinking; feeling; or all around wanting to express...and they did it pretty thoroughly and seemed to be spot on to what is going on energetically with our planet and how this is affecting us and our lives. Sooo I didn't feel I needed to add my 2 cents in...since that information was already out there for us to peruse if so desired. 

We are now almost 2 months into 2017...the energies are intense and there is definitely a Fire energy happening that is propelling many of us to really address and take control of our life paths and resolve health issues in ways we have hesitated to in the past. Yes this is a One Year (if you follow numerology and number vibrations) new beginnings sort to speak - planning out what our next 9 years are going to be about...and add into that... it is a Fire Rooster year (from Chinese astrology)..meaning a lot is happening with intense creative energy...and this information/knowledge is all over the inter-net...I get e-mails almost daily about these energies and how they are affecting us and the planet...but I feel the need to address the Elephant in the room! Yup here's my two cents...I want to talk a little bit about what so many of us have been experiencing for several years now and not fully understanding the why's or if understanding...are still just plain over-whelmed with continuously dealing on a day to day basis with so many issues involving out health and spiritual wellness. People are having difficulties eating a normal diet (even very healthy diets), past emotional issues are arising to be dealt with once and for all...sometimes leaving one feeling overwhelmed or depressed. Many are feeling a strong desire to go to sleep and not wake up...but are not suicidal...just feeling so done with everything. These are just a few of the things many, and I do mean many people I personally know (including myself) have been dealing with. I have had this conversation many times with my Reiki clients and students about all these mysterious health issues that have been plaguing so many of us. 
Now I am fortunate in that I teach a Reiki Shaman program in which I discuss Ascension signs, symptoms and how to deal with them. The Ascension flue or sickness is very is our bodies going through changes at the cellular/DNA level...we are changing..."evolution baby"...and it is not comfortable or fun at all...but necessary! Our planet Earth is going through these changes as well...hence why we hear and see so many Natural disasters happening all over the world. The Earth's vibration has been shifting and increasing over the last few years and there has been much healing involved with this...and at times the energy has felt so chaotic. This is our beautiful planet going through the Healing process ..."a painful time in our life is what we call a healing crisis...we are letting go of something old and opening to something new".... so major healing is taking place and the toxic energy is being eliminated to make way for the fresh new energy/vibration. Sometimes we need to experience chaos to clear away all the debris that was preventing us from moving forward. So in order for the Earth to fully step into this new vibration it is ascending to, it needs to detox the old negative/stagnant energy in order to make way for the new higher vibration. And so is the human order to continue to live on the earth we need to shift and change our own vibration...and our bodies, minds and souls are doing this automatically...and if we I tend to means things become a whole lot more difficult during the process...way more chaotic. 
One thing that helps keep me going during really intense times is focusing on the Light and how much I have to be truly grateful even in the midst of chaos like the Ascension flue...there is much to be grateful for...we are still here...the earth and all her inhabitants are incredible and having friends and family to talk to about stuff helps me take another step forward on my path...and extra TLC goes a long way in helping me cope when in the midst of chaos... a port in the storm for a brief respite... long walks in Nature...warm sea salt baths...extra rest and family breaks...dis-connect from the constant deluge of News and TV violence. 
I have just briefly touched on the topic of Ascension Sickness. For better clarity and understanding... an awesome website to check out more on the Ascension process and what it is all about is... Cedar Rivers site... She thoroughly goes into detail all the signs, symptoms and how to ease yourself through them. Worth a read.

Many blessings on your own ascension path...hope to see you on the other side! :)

2016 - A New Year - A Bright & Wondrous Gift - A Manifesting Miracle!

by Valerie O'Brien on 01/06/16

We are now in a bright and shiny New Year filled with so much potential! A fresh New Year always makes me feel like a little child on Christmas morning excited to open up that bright shiny gift...the anticipation of finding out what is hidden within the wrappings!

In numerology this is a "9" year...what does that means big things are expected... and that’s because the Number 9 is all about culmination and celebration! Now is the time to finally reap the unlimited rewards you’ve been working so hard for! Like tying up a present with a big red bow, the Number 9 wraps up the last 9 years into one pretty package before the next 9-year cycle begins again next year, in 2017...but before that happens you still have one whole year to bask in the abundant energy of 9.  If negative things are occurring around you...then the # 9 energy is telling you it is time to start letting go of something that is not working for you...if positive things are occurring around you...then the energy of the # 9 is telling you to bask in and enjoy the abundance of all the hard work of the last 8 years!

So 2016 has so much potential for so many wonderful possibilities that I actually have to stop and take a calming deep breathe to settle my excitement. We each have the ability to manifest an awesome year filled with exciting adventures; learning possibilities; new or improving relationships; strengthening friendships; finishing up old projects and starting new ones; and...insert your dream list the possibilities are endless! We are limitless beings...with the capability to dream our reality into being...yes that does sound wonderful does it not...well it is is our belief in our own abilities that is key to this manifesting miracle.

As a Reiki & Reiki Shaman teacher I have been blessed to work with so many incredibly gifted people over the years...and what makes them so their belief in themselves and their abilities. But like most people they first had to overcome their doubts and limiting beliefs "that everyone else can do this but me"...yes we all go through this aspect at some point...the ability to trust and have faith in our own abilities is one of the hardest things for anyone to do...but is the most important. You can be the most talented person on the planet...but without faith in will always doubt your abilities...and success (whatever that may mean to you) will always be just out of reach.

So if you want 2016 (a #9 year) to be extraordinary...look in the mirror and see the extraordinary person looking back...your own potential is limitless and all you need to do is believe in yourself and have faith that you are capable of great things. This does involve work and commitment on your part to shift and make those positive changes in your life to reinforce, nurture and commit to loving and believing in yourself...but you are worth the hard work! My journey started many years ago by joining a yoga class and taking some Reiki courses...and 11 years later...I am still manifesting my reality...for the incredible journey I have created for myself is one I would never have believed possible ...if I had not decided I was worth the effort to make those positive changes. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing, positive affirmations, sound therapy, Reiki, hiking in nature, exploring the world and people around you, observing animals and their environment, volunteering for causes close to your heart, working with children and/or animals/and or Seniors...doing good for yourself is doing good for others...a domino effect sort of speak. The energy of positivity radiates out from you and touches everyone and everything around you...but it all starts with you!

So it is up to you what you want to do with this bright and shiny New Year! How do you want this gift to unfold?

Blessings for an Extraordinary 2016!

Heart Hugs, Val 

Ho'oponopono - The Hawaiian Prayer of Forgiveness

by Valerie O'Brien on 06/12/15

This is a beautiful technique that can do wonders in relationships. It repairs the relationship for the highest good. This can also be used to heal many different types of grievances that one carries in their heart and may be having a hard time letting go of.

We often find it difficult to forgive people who have hurt us. It is important to release anger, resentment, hurt and unforgiveness...because this can block you from receiving.

*first list all the names of the people or situations you have problems forgiving. Include even those who have remotely irritated you. Include also everyone you have hurt in this life or past lives and you can include future lives as well. You can call them "Unknown".

Go through each of the names, mentally hold an image of the person in your mind and say...

"Ho'oponopono__________"(person's name)

**I Am Sorry

**Please Forgive Me

**I Love You


Repeat this 3x with each person and each time you say thank-you...exhale from your mouth as though you were releasing that person and the grievance you had towards them. Finish the entire list and once you are done...your forgiveness session is done! You will feel lighter and more open to receiving the love and abundance that the universe has to offer and you no longer will be carrying that heavy feeling inside your heart! A true state of gratitude and compassion!

Blessings of a Lightened Heart...Val

Heart Breathe - Healing/Loving Energy!

by Valerie O'Brien on 08/03/14

Over the years I have taken many different styles of yoga classes...loving them all...and the one thing they all stressed was the importance of breathe and the need to learn how to breathe properly and consciously.  This is a very significant subject for me...because while a young 20 something in the Military (many years ago)...I was doing my annual fitness testing one day and the PERI (think physical trainer and you will be close) said that I had the lung capacity of a 40 year old smoker...well that didn't hurt one bit...NOT! I am a life long non-smoker (no judgement really)...because I am very allergic to cigarette smoke and therefor cannot smoke even if I had that desire.  So being told this at the ripe old age of 23 or 24 was not sitting well with I asked why he would say this...his answer was that I did not breathe properly.  Ok up until that moment I did not realize that there was any other way of breathing than inhale and exhale.  So as you can tell I had not yet taken a yoga class...and they did not teach any of this in any of my military physical training courses or activities.  So I needed to understand why I was not breathing properly...and found out that I was a very shallow breather and my breathe did not reach deep down into my when I am exercising I am then over working my lungs and my heart rate goes mighty high.  I was a runner, hiker and very avid skier at this time... so it really had me trying to wrap my mind around breathe and doing it properly.  I tried practicing deep breathing techniques...and found them so hard to do at first and lungs were not use to expanding with my breathe...hmmm not a good sign.  Now fast forward 30 some odd years and I naturally breathe deep and love to fill my lungs to their very depth ...feeling that life giving breathe fill and expand them easily.  Yoga taught me how to do this...and because I have a very curious mind and nature...I have been blessed in taking many wonderful workshops over the years that have helped me to learn more and more about our breathe and how so much healing can occur just by focusing on our breathe and how we breathe in and breathe out...there are so many great techniques one can try and one I want to share is breathing from the physical heart into heart centre and sending it out to the universe as a beautiful healing/loving energy. 

First you visualize as you take in a breathe...that you are drawing in the breathe from your physical heart and filling up your heart center (center of you chest) with this beautiful golden white energy...hold a second or two and then visualize exhaling this breathe through your crown...sending this healing energy out into the universe...if you want to go further...then visualize again taking that wonderful deep breathe from your physical heart and filling your heart center with that golden/white energy ball...hold a second or more and then exhale it through your feet into Mother Earth...again sending out that wondrous healing/loving can alternate the exhaling between crown and your feet...but with each breathe feel your inner light expanding and shining brighter and brighter...becoming the Light-being you are!

If you have a hard time at not get took me a few years to really expand my lungs properly until it truly felt natural...a yoga class will really speed that they help you try many different ways of deep breathing that gently and lovingly helps your lungs expand.

So take that deep breathe and with light and love breathe from your heart and share it with the Universe!

Blessings from my heart breathe to yours...Val

OUR DEEPEST FEAR...written by Marianne Williamson in "A Return to Love"

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.       It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? 
Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God/Divine Light. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us: it's in everyone.
And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

​**This is one of my very favorite quotes written by a very gifted woman...if you are not familiar with Marianne may just want to explore her won't be sorry you did! In light & love, Val

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