AngelZen Workshops
**The AngelZen 101 Workshop Series...
    - Pendulums 101 - Intro on How to Connect & Work with your pendulum for Healing & Clearing...and connect to your Spirit Guide for answers and guidance. Cost $75.00 approx.4 Hours (manual & pendulum included).
    - Crystals 101 - Intro on how to work with crystals - utilizing them as a healing tool for self and environment. Cost $75.00 approx. 4 Hours (manual & a crystal medicine bag you make -  included). 
    - Space Clearing 101 - Learn how simple it is to keep your energy and your environment (home/work and personal space) clear of all lower, chaotic, stagnant and negative energies. Cost $75.00 approx. 4 Hours (manual and some simple tools provided like a small clearing spray bottle).
    - Chakras 101 - Learn about the 7 Main Energy Centres in the Body and how to bring balance and harmony back to mind/body/ & spirit...through cleansing, clearing and maintaining these centres. Learn the essential oils to keep the centres vibrating at a high level. Cost: $75.00  approx. 4 Hours (manual & chakra crystals included).
    - Chakras 2.0 - Learn about the Advanced Chakras and how to open and align yourself with them, the Universe & Pachamama!  Cost: $75.00 approx. 4 Hours (manual and simple tools included).
    - Spirit Animals 101 - Come & meet your Spirit Animal and how knowing your animal totem will help you in your day to day life. Cost: $75.00 approx. 4 hours (manual and simple tools included)
**The Ancient Wisdom of the Goddess - 
a Workshop series on connecting and working with the Inner-Goddess and her many Archetypes - helping you to connect to the ancient wisdom of the Divine Feminine, and how this can assist you in your life and world today. Cost: $75.00 per workshop...includes manual and fun tools!
NOTE...This workshop series will continue to evolve so please contact for more information. At present there are two workshops available in this series. 

The AngelZen 101 Workshop   ..Series - are designed for those wanting to learn about working with their own innate wisdom, through utilizing tools such as the Pendulum,  Crystals and other Sacred teachings (think Mystery School Teachings)... empowering you to stand in your own Power with Confidence, Clarity, Strength and Wisdom...and how to incorporate this Healing Wisdom and Knowledge in your every day lives. You will be able to take them as individual workshops or take the complete series.

The Ancient Wisdom of the Goddess Workshop Series is designed to be taken as individual workshops  or you can take the complete series to further deepen the Wisdom of the Sacred Divine Feminine through the ongoing teachings of the Goddess. These workshops will open doorways to the Ancient teachings and show you how to work with the Goddess in her many forms, in our modern world today.

You are much more powerful than you could ever imagine!

NOTE: Any of these workshops can be scheduled for individuals or private groups, for family's, friends or me for more information.

Radiant blessings of Light & Love, Val