Following the Reiki-Shaman Path
**(Manuals & Certificates are included with each Course)**
**Reiki-Shaman Training Level - Being Called to the Path - The Awakening**Cost $425.
Intro Reiki-Shamanism; Initiation to the Reiki-Shaman Path; Letting go of the Fear; Sound Healing-Drumming; Journeying Part 1; Journaling - keeping the sacred record; Mind/Body Awareness; Spirit Guide Helpers & Mentors; Power Animal Medicine; Working with all Aspects of Self; Non Ordinary Reality; Being the Stronger Channel; Receiving Messages from Spirit; Sacred Work; World Medicine Healers; Core Shamanism...what connects us all!
**Reiki-Shaman Training Level II Deepening the Connection the Light Healer'sWay **Cost $425.  Creating Sacred Space; Clearing Chaotic energy; Soul Retrieval; Journeying Part II; Working with Angels; Ascended Masters; Honoring the 5 Directions & Elements; Use of sacred numbers; Reiki Shaman symbols; Grounding shielding ceremony; Reiki Shaman tools; Building your Totems - Angels, Goddess', & Animals; Lunar energies; Solar energies; Running energy; Speaking the language of spirit.
**Reiki Shaman Training Level III - Being One with the Path - Shaumbra **Cost$450.
Fire Ceremony; Home & Business Blessing Ceremony; The Akashic Records (a Hypnosis session to the Akashic Records); Your Sacred Self; The Ascension Process-Beings of Light; The Galactic Traveller; Soul Names & Soul Groups; Practicing the Full Reiki Shaman Session; Quantum Healing; Understanding Different Entities and Removal; Crystal Grids; Sacred 3 Chakras; The Violet Flame; Other Healing Modalities; Meditation; Sacred Gateways; Vibrational Signals -Downloading Information; The 3 Windows;Healing Attunement; Aura Fluffing

 Following the Path of the Reiki-Shaman ...
​To walk the
​ to
choose to
open to spirit
(the universe)
and allow
to be guided.
Both Reiki and the Shamanic path are vialable healing modalities on their own...together they are a profound healing experience ...going deep into the cellular memory to address the origin of the issue for a deeper healing experience and getting to the root cause of what needs to be healed and addressed. 
One is called to the Reiki Shaman path...Trust and you will be guided...Listen and you will Awaken to all that is!

May you always be one with the Path!
Reiki Blessings...Valerie
Note: Reiki Pre-Requisite to take the Reiki Shaman Programs is Reiki Level II