Mystic Musings from the Zen Room

Mystic Musings from the Zen Room

Healing with Animals

by Valerie O'Brien on 11/07/12

Animals are natural healers that emit a high vibrational frequency that penetrate our auric field that helps calm and relax us... enabling our bodies to begin the healing process.  This is why they are welcomed in nursing homes and extended care facilities (and many other hospital type settings)...our pets and best friends have a very important role to play in our matter the illness or trauma. 

If you think about it, animals are used in many ways to help humans deal with many of our disabilities and/or limitations or medical conditions or just our day to day lives...from seeing eye dogs; to making a person aware when a seizure is coming on; detecting cancerous tumors; awaking the family when fire or carbon monoxide is building in the home; to protecting against attacks by wild animals or strangers; to keeping us company...and the list can go on forever...our pets are more than just a family member they are an incredibly important part of our lives and aid us on our healing journey's...asking so little in exchange.

I personally have 2 dogs and a cat...they all have their specialized way of healing. My Golden Retriever "Sara" is very empathic and picks up on a persons emotional pain and she is quick to deliver love and compassion...she hates to see anyone sad or unhappy in anyway.                                                 My little Cocker Spaniel "Angel" is a Reiki dog...she will go to the area on a person's body where they are needing lots of energy and will stay there acting as the conduit for the Universal Life Force energy to flow...she has done this since she was a very small pupply and use to insist on being in my Reiki room when I was working on a Reiki client. She is very sensitive to energy like most Reiki practitioner's are.                                                                                              Now Toby our newest animal family member is a grey & white domestic cat (still a kitten actually at only 6 months old) and he will adjust his purring vibration to help me get to sleep if I am struggling to drift off at night. I get the best sleeps ever when he works his magic.                                                      Now years ago I used to have another cat named "George" and a little Sheltie dog named "Casey"...these two very precious little guys actually alerted me to my pregnancy long befor any tests could accurately let me know...actually I had no idea why they were hovering around me like two little worried nursemaids until one day I decided to go and see why I was feeling a bit tired and two guys were right I was pregnant and they became awesome nursemaids to my daughter after she was born...always letting me know when she was awake and fussing to when she was hungry etc... I even credit Casey to teaching my daughter how to walk...she had difficulty standing due to a leg problem in the he would let her grab onto his long fur and once she pulled herself up into a standing position he would take very slow short steps to allow her to move/walk while holding onto was quite amazing to watch! 

What my animals do are not unusual in any way. They are doing what comes natural to them and I am grateful to them for their very special healing talents. What people need to do is open up to their pets and allow them to work their will be amazed on how intuned your animal is with one knows you better than they do.

So be aware of how wonderful your animal friends are and give them the love and care they so richly deserve...for they are giving you unconditional love and healing without strings attached every single day of their lives...and if they have any physical or emotional problems - make sure to give them the care they may need, because all they want to do is help you in kind.

Many Reiki Blessings to you and your animals...Valerie


Taking A Timeout to Nurture Oneself...Gaining Clarity & Balance!

by Valerie O'Brien on 10/23/12

I have not written in a few months as life got busy as it tends to do and I allowed myself to get totally immersed in the moment and just experience being. When I do this I tend to wander away from technology and it seems like I am hibernating...but in fact I am working on myself and enjoying family and close friends. People have a hard time understanding why I do this, but when you look at the obsession and addiction that we have to technology and social media and we tend to think we have to be in constant communication 24/7 or something is wrong...this creates feelings of stress or anxiety or frustration...where you just want to run away from life (just for a while to catch your breathe).

I am a somewhat private person and I enjoy my alone time...because this is when I work on myself and sorting out what is happening in my life and world and releasing any fears that I may have gathered from the news media, social media or well meaning friends who like to be a bit pessimistic about life. I call my alone time a cleansing or de-toxing period, it allows me to see what really is important in my life and to focus on what changes I may want to make in order to feel I am moving foreward in a more positive, productive way. So I work on releasing that which no longer serves me in a positive way. 

Do not get me wrong, I have such incredible people in my life and I enjoy my Reiki Teaching & Practice...but sometimes I just need the quiet of nature, to totally immerse myself in the beauty that is life and explore the incredible sacred connection we all have (or should have) to our planet (Mother Earth) and ourselves.  Because there is no greater healer than allowing oneself the time to connect to ones inner self or sacred self and check in to see how we are really doing. By doing this from time to time I feel more balanced and have more clarity which helps me to be a stronger, clearer channel for the Universal Life Force Energy of Reiki which in turn benefits my Reiki clients and students, as well as my family and friends.

Recently I spent a timeout at Wells Gray Provincial Park and spent the better part of each day out hiking moutains and lakeside paths and watching spectacular waterfalls and meeting people from all over the world who were seeking the tranquil beauty of our Province. It was so incredible and I felt my soul's vibration raise. 

So if you are feeling the chaotic energy that is happening now as we approach December 21st, 2012... which has created so much fear in so many people who in turn are fueling even more chaotic energy ...then you need to plan a timeout for yourself! It does not matter what you do or how long you do it for...but make sure it is something that allows you to really connect to your inner self and look at what is going on in your life and how you have the abilty to change it if it needs changing for your higher good. You may stop reading the newspaper for a few days or not watch the nightly news for a while or stay off social media (facebook) and the internet...disconnect from technology for a bit...what ever helps you to connect more deeply with self without the disturbing will feel better for it!

Also do not buy into the dooms day sayers who are spouting end of world fears for December 2012...there are enough spiritual leaders out there who are working to set the record straight...The planet is raising it's vibrational level and in order to do so is de-toxing right now and it is important for people to understand that we all have a part in this, we need to raise our vibrational levels as well to help our beautiful planet. So if we do our part and stand strong in our awareness and help Mother Earth and all the wonders that are part and parcel of the oceans, lakes and rivers, as well as all the wildlife and forests to name but a few...we then help further raise her vibration and ours as well.

So for now I wish you all timeouts that bring the clarity and balance you so richly deserve!

Many Reiki Blessings, Valerie

Following the Reiki/Shaman Path...a Mystical Healing Place to be!

by Valerie O'Brien on 06/11/12

It is interesting how we start on one path and find ourselves somewhere totally different from where we thought we were heading. That is what happened to me when I thought I was on the Reiki path and found that I was actually walking a dual path...that of the Reiki/Shaman. For me Reiki has and will always be a form of Shamanism...there is no distinction between the two (for me)...they are all about the healing of the mind, body and spirit...mentally, emotionally and physically in all directions of time.
As I worked with the energy of Reiki and my Reiki Guides...I was being shown many wondrous things...taken on many spiritual journey's for the individual's I was working on and for myself.  I was entering others past lives and standing witness to events that were an integral part of that person's healing. Soul pieces were coming back from past lives and Spirit Animals were bringing messages of guidance and protection. Spirit Guides making their presence known...helping to bring healing and closure to past traumas.  All this before I really even started to investigate the world of I thought ...hmmm...maybe it is time to learn a bit more about the Shamanic side of healing and understand it at a deeper level. So the Universe being aware of my desire for learning... brought a wonderful spiritual teacher into my life who I was able to take 4 levels of Shamanic practitioner training with. Ahhh it was all coming together...everything my Guides had shown me was now making so much more sense at a much deeper level...Reiki energy and Shaman energy came from the same source...Universal Life Force when channeling the healing energy of naturally taps into the Shaman energy.
So when you open to the Reiki path do not be surprised if you end up on the dual path of the Reiki/Shaman...a mystical healing place to be!

Blessed may you be on your path...enjoy the adventure! ...Namaste Val :)

Shadow Self... and The Monkey Mind!

by Valerie O'Brien on 04/12/12

What is Shadow-self and Monkey-mind you ask...well it is an aspect of ourselves that when working in harmony with our higher good can bring lessons into our lives that help us to grow and understand what being human is all about. Shadow-self is an aspect of our human soul that in which our darker nature or more primal being resides. When we exist in balance...this shadow-self helps us with fight & flight situations... to protect our young & family from dangerous situations, as well as helping us recognize and warn us about the darkness in other people or situation....there-by keeping us safe! Shadow-self understands our grief and anger and frustration with life and its many ups and allows us to experience the full range of emotions that is part and parcel of being human. But if given full reign over our actions Shadow-self can descend too far into the darker aspects of life and take us to places that very little light can it is important to maintain the perfect harmony of the light that is our beautiful shining being and the dark that allows us to experience the more primal aspect of the human condition and life lessons...that allow us to move forward on our path!

Now Monkey-mind likes to create obstacles that are not really there!  To throw challenges in our path to see how we strive to over come them and move forward. Sometimes we get caught up in the obstacle and become immobilized or it will make us feel we are not in control of our lives or our own minds... or allow our shadow-self too much power and it then continues to place obstacles and chaos onto our path...over-whelming and distracting us... which can then send us spiraling out of control.
Now you may think that monkey-mind is a bad thing and must be over come or eliminated...but in truth it is like shadow-self, a necessary part of our well being...the being we want to be in perfect harmony & balance...believe it or not! :) Monkey-mind through it's seemingly chaotic chatter actually gives us many scenarios on how we can deal or address many of our life issues and situations. It it is like a day planner...reminding us of where we need to be and what needs to be done in our lives like a constant moving kaleidoscope....and this can  help us at times look at the bigger picture or at the smaller more detailed picture. We must learn to filter/master  the more chaotic aspects of the monkey-mind and utilize it's more helpful how it can distract us from a stressful or boring situation. By learning to be playful with will stay in full control and actually enjoy the more amusing aspects of it!
So look at the complete person you are and see both the light and dark...the orderly & chaotic sides and realize it is everything and all this that makes you the very special and yes unique person that you are...we are are all our own unique way!

Blessings, and may you always walk in harmony with every aspect of yourself! "I AM that I AM"...a divine being!....Valerie

The Power of Intent...In Reiki Intent is Everything!

by Valerie O'Brien on 02/16/12

The "Go to" phrase for 2012 seems to be "Intent is Everything"...well it is and always has is not something new that has just been discovered, but has been there all along. What I mean to say is...we just have to realize our abilities to tap into our own power of intent. More and more I am hearing my Reiki students say how everything is manifesting faster for them and they are totally amazed by this...what is happening is they are tapping into this resource that has always been available to them...but they are now aware of it and how easy it is to step out of the way and just allow the power of intent to do what it does best "Manifest the lives we were meant to live"!
 In Reiki we learn how to become clearer channels for the healing Universal Life Force Energy to flow...this creates a deep healing/energy detoxing... mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. This in turn opens our awareness and abilities to tap into the Universal life force and all our sacred clears away all the debris we have blocked ourselves with and allows the abundance and ability to manifest the lives we want with the simple power of intent! If you can have that total trust in the Universe (like a child does of a parent) and put out into it what you truly want with clarity and focus and a deep/sincere intent, then release (put it out there and then let it go) and trust it will manifest to your higher good...a certain amount of patience is required to allow the Universe to shift and align everything to bring forth your life vision...but it will manifest and be what is meant to is what it is!
So unlock this gift... but use it the old saying goes "be careful of what you ask for...for you just might get it".  This warning is not meant to frighten or deter but to use caution and truly think about what you really want and is it for your higher good and will it aid you on your healing journey? Sometimes we ask for things that end up overwhelming us and we shut down...always put the intent out there that it will be for your higher good and help you to move forward in your life.
It is wonderful to heal and let go of toxic energy...but it is sometimes better to do it at a slower pace to allow ourselves to adjust and nurture ourselves as we heal...instead of creating a severe healing crisis that can be rather harsh and traumatic on the body...this in turn can cause us to not want to continue the healing process...which can then cause us to shut down altogether. So going a bit slower and allowing the body to adjust and align to the healing is usually the better choice for most people. So again the whole patience thing comes into play once more...just because we now live in a fast paced world does not mean it is a good thing to have everything happen sooo fast! Intent is everything...just allow it to happen effortlessly and lovingly! Life is not meant to be difficult...we tend to make it that is time to let go of that thought process!
May you always manifest to your higher good that brings joy and enlightenment to yourself!

Reiki Blessings, Valerie

OUR DEEPEST FEAR...written by Marianne Williamson in "A Return to Love"

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.       It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? 
Actually, who are you not to be? 
You are a child of God/Divine Light. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure about you. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us: it's in everyone.
And, as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

​**This is one of my very favorite quotes written by a very gifted woman...if you are not familiar with Marianne may just want to explore her won't be sorry you did! In light & love, Val

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